Welcome to the CORNHOLE GLORY rules page!

Below are a list of rules that might help beginners get started, or help those crafty veterans remember how to dominate.  Most sites have pages of complicated rules, and after you finish reading them, your more confused that when you started.  Here at Cornhole Glory, we are content as long as people are throwing bags!  We have tried to simplify the rules as much as possible for our customers, fans, and followers…so get out there HAVE FUN and MAKE IT RAIN!

Getting Started

  • The front end of each board should be set up 27 feet apart from the other
  • Two teams are required to play each game
  • Teams can be composed of 1-2 people.
  • Singles (1 person per team), opponents start from same end and walk back and forth
  • For doubles (2 persons per team), teammates should line up across from one another (1 teammate on each side)
  • Start with all bags (4 per team) at one end.

How to Play

  • Previous game winner, coin toss, or rock-paper-scissors should determine which team throws first.
  • Each team alternates throws until all bags are thrown.
  • The foul line runs parallel from the front of the board…all throws must be made from behind the foul line
  • If a player breaks the foul line, or throws out of turn, the player loses a turn (however if your playing for fun, let it go, and let the other team go twice in a row)
  • The team that scores the most points in a round, goes first for the next round.
  • If the round ends in a tie, the last team to throw first, starts the round.
  • If a bag touches the ground first or bounces and lands on the board, it is to be removed, and does not count.


  • A player gets 1 point for landing a bag on the board
  • A player gets 3 points for tossing a bag through the hole.

Tallying the Score

  • After all bags are thrown, the team with the most points wins the round
  • The team with the most points subtracts the other team’s points and adds the remainder to their score. (for example: team one gets one bag on the board and one bag in the hole. Team two gets three bags on the board. Team one scores 1 point on the round and goes first the following round)
  • The first team to 21 wins the game.



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